Minecraft servers

For a Small Price

Smallmine gives you the ability to have your own Minecraft server for an amazing price. Enough to make people jealous, but it can be our secret.

Two offers. The best ones.


4 slots
2GB RAM / SSD Powered

You will be charged in Euro. *

Your location :


999 slots
4GB RAM / SSD Powered

You will be charged in Euro. *

Your location :
  • Bukkit support

  • Plugin management

  • Version management

  • FTP access

  • i7 3.4Ghz+ min. proc.
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Small ? Not that small...

A complete offer

SmallMine is provided by NitroServ and offers a complete, innovating, user-friendly interface.
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No map size limit

Don't worry about the size of your map or any other limit, we take care of it for you.

When you need it

Our secret : your server starts up instantly whenever someone connects to it. What happens when you are not connected ? It is waiting for you.
What are you waiting for ?